How Nice.

I gave you my heart

Left in your care

So you wouldn’t let it scrape

Dent or tear

Now look at its shape.

How nice.


You said that if

The world really ended

You’d scoop me up

And get the hell away

Your action plan flopped

How nice.


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How the World Turned Out

Maybe a bit weird but whatever ;)

Standing on the wafting cloud

Miles above

I see every person of the crowd


They’re using my organs

Things that I once owned

Senses that I once could

Wrap my feelings around


And in the vast earth

I see people kick

And watch the others hurt

With only smugness


For them, legs are weapons

But my memories are fond

Like trying out shoes

And dancing with them on


I see these people spit

On roads and foulmouth

While I still remember

How I used lips less uncouth

How I used them to sing

Melodies so fine

And the feeling of someone

Else’s pair on mine


I see people cry

Sorrow is all they have

Joy like once mine

Is a rarity now


I see people hit

And throw stones at cats

With hands I only used

To weave gloves and hats


And back in my cloud

I let out a sigh

Despising how

The world turned out


Haven’t posted in a while…both of us are really busy with school and stuff, but we will be posting more chapters and writing this weekend!

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Written by Carli S.

Her bones are showing

Her skin is thin

She thinks she’s

Not pretty enough for him

Her legs are like twigs

But she wants to get skinner than that

Her reason?

She thinks she’s too fat

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Confessions to a Celebrity: Chapter 1

Dear Lissa,

        I know I probably look crazy, scribbling this letter which I’m never going to send, but I am crazy.  It takes the purpose of a diary. I can never sit in the middle of my loud, red room and explain my life to a damn book. Since you actually exist, it sort of makes it better.

       I’m dealing with sort of a lot write now. Alex is really upset, because of John’s death. Suicide is something hard to bear with, I guess.  Alex has these bizarre conclusions, thinking that he is somehow responsible for the whole mess. I had to get him to stop flattering himself, and this is what had happened:

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